Janny & Peter-Jan : Dear Stefania, thank you for spoiling us these two weeks! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Le Fate with you. Hope we meet in Groningen later this year. Abbraccio forte forte! p.s.: mmmm Pink Martini, Mina, Ornella Vanoni... 
Kylie: Dear Stefania, although I have been travelling alon this trip the stay here has been like staying with an old friend eventhough we only met! I've had so much fun cooking with you & staying in the b&b was the best way for finishing my adventure in Italy. I will return again! Ciao! 
Sophie & Genevieve : Dear Stefania, it has been very too short! However I do wonder how long is long enough in your lovely b&b. Thank you for your hospitality, it has been great! Of course I already knew it would be great, always, trust blindly on Pim & Rene's good taste for people & places :)
Jacintha & Gerard : Dear Stefani, from now we call ravioli "stefaoli". Jacintha talks only how she will prepare the meals in Holland with your advices!! So also the not-cooking man Gerard will many times remember you. We had a wonderful time in your house, Lucca, Siena etc. Thanks for the hospitality and the great care with your twinkling eyes.  
Alice & Floris : Dear Stefania, we did not meet many times in Rotterdam, but it was always nice to know you were there. Now that we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a couple of days with you I am very happy to know you are happy and you are still there. With love and gratitude
Marian & Margriet : Dear Stefania, we had a lovely time here in your apartment. Le Fate will be a special spot in our memories, we will be back! Thanks for the hospitality and all the good care. Ciao! 
Pietia & Maarten : Dear Stefania, many thanks for your hospitality we truly had an amazing time in Le Fate. We enjoyed your cooking and your company. Grazie mille, ciao  
Tonje & Magne : Stefania, you have pur best recommendation! We love the charming place that you have created. Thank you for making us feel welcome and at home. We leave with a fond memory and a very full stomach-thank you for the excellent cooking class.  
Melissa & Jim : Stefania, thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. It made us feel at home many miles away. It was truly amazing to experience a small piece of the Tuscan life and we cannot wait to share our stories, cooking and pictures with our friends and family at home. Thank you 
Alison & Adrian : Dear Stefania, this is what travel is all about!! You have truly allowed us to "feel" a touch of the Tuscan way of life. These five days have been a highlight of our trip. Thanks so much for your warm, welcoming and relaxed nature. We loved staying in this apartment and throughly ejoyed the cooking course. It has been fantastic!! You are always welcome in Australia. Would love to see you there. Cheers! 
Olaug Kristine : Dear Stefania, thank you so much for making the visit to Montefioralle a wonderful experience. I am strongly inspired to go on with the Italian cooking at home. I'm sure to be back with my husband and I would really like to welcome you in Oslo and on my small island Brinusc (for country girls and cools!)
Felicia : Dear Stefania, I am touched by the way you have welcomed me and my friend Kristine. Your hospitality is moving and I feel we have started a beautiful friendship. It has been stunning in every way to be with you and to be in your house. If you ever need something - that you thinks I can help you with - please do not hesitate to write or call!!! Your sincerely 
Tini & Ruud, Margreet & Jan: Dear Stefania, wij hebben hier een heel fijne weekd doorgebracht. Jouw hartelijheid en warmte zullen ons altijd bij blijven. De kooklessen zullen wij 'at home' in the prakhij gaan brengen. Heel, heel erg bedankt voor the fijne week bij jou.
Lauren & Rachel : Stefania, we had an AMAZING TIME. Beautiful location and as chefs we will be back to learm something from you one day!! Hope to see you in Australia!    
Megan, John, Lauren & Rachel : Stefania, we have had a very special time staying in your very beautiful apartment. Le Fate ha a unique quality. It makes feel like you are "special". We hope to return again and maybe see you in Australia some time soon. Stay in touch. 
Ronny, Pietro & Andrea : Grazie di tutto. Per l'ospitalita', per la compagnia, per l'ottima cucina, per i momenti trascorsi! con affetto   
Jerri & Belt : Our many thanks for sharing your beautiful house with delicious food, wine, music and company We will return one day. Thank you for sharing your culinary skills and secrets, a delicious meal and a wonderful teacher. No wonder you are successful in what you do as you share your passion for good food. All the best for 2012 "the trip to USA", don't forget to let us know when you are coming to Australia. We would love to return the hospitality, you have made us feel so welcome. Grazie  
Emily, Nina, Carin & Isla : Dear Stefania,
thank you for sucha wonderful stay. Felt like on our own house. Will think of you while cooking your recipes. 
Elena e Alberto : Grazie Stefania per l'accoglienza e per averci fato trovare l'inaspettato! Una casa davvero bellissima, altro che alberghi! Un saluto 
Henrik, Helle, Sarah and Sophie : Dear Stefania! Fantastic place and a fantastic host create the best possible framework for a relaxing and exciting stayin beautiful Chianti! See you in Denmark! Hugs and smiles 
Claudio : Complimenti Stefania per la bellissima accoglienza e la la location, davvero ci e' sembrato di "vivere" in una casa e non di essere in vacanza. Un caro saluto e un abbraccio.  
Jannet & Ton : Dear Stefania, after two amazing weeks in Switzerland we came to Tuscany. On advice o Janine we found you and we had a lovely week in the Chianti. We adored Montefioralle.  During this week the made a movie in the centre and we were asked to be acotrs, but we had another apointment. A pitty. Thanks for your hospitality and we love to stay in your house. What a place to be! Good luck with all your plans for the future. 
Karen : Dear Stefania, for the first time in my life all alone in holiday: I booked the flight and apartment, cooking lessons and visits to wine farm, cheese maker and olive farms. The week passed by so quickly because it was all so perfect. I learned recipes and tricks of the Tuscan kitchen, I heard a lot about wine, cheese and olive oil, I met a lot of people around the kitchen table, I drove myself to beautiful places like Firenze and Siena. But the best part was the company of you Stefania. You made me feel very welcome with al the warmth and kindness that you have. Thank you very very much. Big kiss.   
Esther & Susanne : Dear Stefania, even without you this place is fantastic! The house, the view, the sun: great! It's a shame we did not get to meet you, but maybe we will come back one day.  
Andrea & Andre : Dear Stefania, thanks for taking so good care. We loved the house and the breakfast and... your company. Special hug for Demo, we are going to tell Chocolat about him! I really hope to be back one day. I know for sure you will make the right choice about your own life. Arrivederci ciao e non piagnucolare! 
Ciao Stefania, nice to see you again in Tuscany!! We met at your HuisKamerRestaurant and here it feels like home too! I had a wonderful and relaxing time. Take care!! Lots of love also from Chocolat.  
Myriam and Flo, the French girls : Open the door and listening good music, find a basket ful of lovely sweets in the morning and have breakfast view to the mountains! Hum... what a pleasure Tuscan's life!! Hope to see you again have shared good time thanks for all. Best wishes! 
Jenny & Chris : Stefania, your place is a special find off the beaten track. We thouroghly enjoyed ourselves and are reluctant to leave. The cooking lesson, dinner and wine were fantastic! 
John & Janet : Bella Stefania, what a wonderful stay we had in your lovely 'palace'. I really enjoyed your cooking lesson. I;m sure our friends and family will enjoy the sampling of them! You have a good heart... you will be missed. Grazie, grazie, grazie!  
Amalia & Nino: Dear Stefania, thank you so much for your hospitality and kindness during our stay. As excited as we are for the next leg of our trip, we are so sad to leave this wonderful place. You hace truly helped to make our honeymoon very special! Please keep in touch! 
Jeremy & Tina : Dear Stefania, thank you so much for inviting us into your beautiful home, teaching us about Tuscan cuisine and helping us have a perfect vacation. We were only supposed to stay for two nights, and which ended up being four nights, and we wish we could stay for much longer! We will be back soon- untill then!    
Pim & Rene : Dear Stefania, for the second time we stayed at Le Fate. Once again we had a great time. We enjoyed the dinners with you and discovered some nex places. Again we found the peace we were looking for. Thanks a lot for the wonderful birthday at Terme di Petriolo! For one week we were neighborous again! It felt great! We will miss you and Demo a lot. Untill the next time. Mille grazie! Bacio. 
Heleen, Joop and the doggies : Dear Stefania, to be here was a present from my children and husband for my 50th birthday. I never had so special present I have enjoyed every minute of it! I had a very nice time in yur kitchen, cooking in combination with about several things. You are a very warm woman who is really interested in people. Maybe I see you once in Holland on the farm in Rhoon. You will be very welcome!  
Bep, June 2011: Dear Stefania, it took a few years from the first dinner in the HuisKamerRestaurant in Rotterdam to come here, but finally we made it! The cooking lessons where great as was the stay in Le Fate. Also the wine tasting with Alfonso! Thank you for the care, it was lovely. Ciao, tot ziens!! 
Francesca, Massimo, Sofia & Marta : Cara Stefania, grazie per la tua gentil e calorosa ospitalita, ci siamo sentiti subito come a casa. Torneremo a trovarti!
Danielle & Friederieke : Dear Stefania, it has been wonderful to escape our busy lives as 'working moms' and relax in your beautiful b&b! We truly enjoyed your cooking lessons and are inspired to try your recipes at home! We wish you and Demo al the best and hope to see you again soon. Lieve groeten
Jason & Christina : Stefania, you and your B&B are both fabulous! the location is gorgeous and you are the finest hostess we have ever met. We wish you all the luck in the world and I promise we will be back! And soon! 
Milene, Mayke, Idanda, Jacqueline : Cara Stefania, grazie per tutto! Per la tua ospitalita speciale e per l'eccellente corso di cucina. Alla prossima! Ciao   
Jason & Christina : Stefania, you and your B&B are both fabulous! The location is gorgeous and you are the first hostess we have ever met. We wish you all the luck in the world and I promise we will be back! And soon!
Audrey & Michael : Stefania, we had a fabulous time! Thanks you for your generous hospitality and phenomenal food! Your recipes will cross the Atlantic to feed many hungry mouths in America. If you come to New York, please let us return the favor! You might even get some home made ravioli :) Much love 
Ronny e Pietro : A volte nella vita si ha la fortuna di incontrare persone tanto speciali da migliorarti la vita... Tu fai parte di queste persone! Grazie per la tua dolcezza, la splendida ospitalita' e l'ottima cucina. Ti auguriamo di realizzare tutti i tuoi sogni. Con affetto. 
Chris, Pam, Justin, Haley : Dear Stefania, we appreciated your wonderful cooking lesson and greatly appreciated pasta making. You're a lovely person and we all wish you much success with your b&b
Marianna, Tommaso & Bimba : Cara Stefania, grazie per averci permesso di trascorrere 2 giorni belli e sereni! Ricorderemo il tuo gusto e il tuo stile che sicuramente ti accompagneranno nei progetti futuri. Ti saltiamo con la speranza di poterci rivedere! p.s.: ti aspettiamo a Rovigo!
Sharyn, Sandra, Ashley : Dear Stefania, what an amazing time we had at our cooking lesson. We are looking forward to making these recipes, especially the plum cake and fennel. We certainly enjoyed making and eating the hand made pasta. Your apartment is like a real home with many decorative and functional items. Thanks you for the great breakfast too. We were truly thankful for this wonderful experience. Love
Pille & Marco : Dear Stefania, it is so good to be here! Exactly all we need: cosy home, with good music, candles around and delicious food. You are a wonderful designer and next time we would like to follow your cooking course too. Thanks you for your hospitality! We wish peace, love and happiness to this house. 
Ashley : Dear Stefania, you are everything that is Tuscany: style, elegance, beauty and warmth. Thank you so very much! 
Nelly & Nello : Para Stefania: Gracias por si ospitalidad, mui deliciosas tus mermeladas i tortas digamos cosinas delicioso. Conocimos muchas sitios de la Toscana mui lindo stupendo! Paisages comidas i la gene mui gentil, gracias. Te espetamos a Jesolo en nuestro campeggio para atenderte igual. 
Bep & Hennie : Dear Stefania, what a wonderful and delicious experience! We really enjoyed staying with you in your charming B&B for 6 days in this beautiful and pictoresque Montefioralle. In the 3 cooking lessons your taught us a lot about the pure taste of Tuscany and to prepare delicious and tasteful food. Our husbands will be very grateful to you, but also family and friends to whom we will certainly recommend you. Wishing you all the best and success for the future! Love p.s.: good food, good music, good wine, great hospitality.
Henk : By chance we have found your apartment on the internet and we decided to take a part of our Italian holiday with you. No regret whatsover! Fantastic place and an excellent dinner will stay in our memory!  
Josh & Susan: Stefania, thank so much for sharing your wonderful house with us! This is a wonderful place to be. Wi wish we could stay here longer, but we will bring friends back here for sure. Amazing scenery and wonderfully furnished house. Thank you again! Arrivederci! 
Bas : Dear Stefania, many thanks for this wonderful week. I was looking for rest, cooking knowledge and the Tuscan culture. I can tell you that I have found it and even more!!! The house is very beautiful and also the location is. I have learned about the Tuscan kitchen and the nice music like the Pink Martini. Also thanks for introducing David, because we have spent two beautiful days. All the best for you !
Ingrid & Peter: Dear Stefania, what a lovely, restful week we have had in your beautiful apartment. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. The area is delightful and the highlight has to be the cookery class with you - it was our best meal! I shall be making fresh pasta for dinner at home tomorrow - although sadly without the truffle and your company. We will be back soon! With love
Christel & Dennis : Dear Stefania, we looked for a nice place to enjoy our holiday and get some rest; we definitely found it here... You are a great host, which makes a difference! We appreciated your genuine caring and hospitality. Stay the way you are and let the story of Le Fate become further reality... With love and till soon! 
Jim and Katie : Stefania, we have so enjoyed our stay at Le Fate. The apartment is gorgeous, as are its surroundings. the cooking lesson is something we will never forget. However, the most special part of this place is you. Thank you for making our stay so lovely. You are a gracious hostess. Much luck with everything. I promise we'll be back.